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March 16, 2007

Busy, is a word that would be best to describe me.

Finishing up the 1776 Quickstart and then I will send it off to be laid out and made to look pretty. Next up will be to begin research for the next book planned for 1776, as well as get the final manuscript done and off to layout and then to the printer.

Kitchen Kombat™ is almost done, completely, and in fact it will be ready way before we release in May. between all of this I need to write the GenCon 2007 demo of 1776 (this one will be fun) as well as a few other adventures that I have itching to get out of my system for 1776.

Mind you this To Do List does not include some of the behind the scenes things I need to do for Rogue Games. As well as a few surprises James and I have in the works.

Still, why do I have an itch to write a new game?

Is it because I see all the fun James is having with Thousand Suns™?

Is it because I am crazy?

No, it is because I have an idea that I cannot get rid of, and no matter how hard I try and push it to the side, it will not be ignored.

When James and I decided to form Rogue Games, we both thought that it would be a good idea. We both thought that we would enjoy the freedom. We both underestimated how much fun we would have. I also know I personally underestimated the new found creativity I would find.

I am enthused, not just because I have found balance in my day job, but because of the freedom Rogue Games is bringing me. I know if you asked James, he would say the same thing.

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