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Thousand Suns™ Update

March 20, 2007

Character creation rules are nearly complete to my (no doubt temporary) satisfaction. Re-working the base classes, tweaking skills and feats (as well as excising many), and putting the finishing touches on the alien race construction system took longer than expected, but I think the final results will be worth it. After that comes the issue of advanced (and prestige) classes. I’d like to include a good spread of them, but, honestly, I also dread the thought of getting bogged down with them. I guess we shall see how things develop.

After that, I’ll probably tackle the combat system. So, a question: does anyone have any specific issues with the D20 Modern combat system, specifically as it pertains to science fiction? I have my own little list of things I’d like to tweak or otherwise change, but I’d like to know if they’re the same as everyone else’s.

Work on the Thousand Suns™ default setting is also proceeding, albeit slowly. I’m re-reading all my Piper collections, which I think is helping immensely. At the moment, my big issue is creating a suitable antagonist for the Federation/Empire. I’m pretty well settled on its being another human culture, probably a clade of one sort or another. The question for me is what they’re culture will be like. Traveller had the Zhodani, which in one brilliant stroke did a lot of nice things for the Imperium setting. Anderson had the Merseians, but Piper had no one except internal politics. That might be the way to go, even if it feels wrong on some level. At the same time, the default setting is intended both as an example and a toolkit, so I might be remiss in not making an effort to create some rival state to the Federation/Empire. Must ponder more.

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