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Why Kitchen Kombat™?

March 27, 2007

If you have not been paying attention we have announced our first card game. Unlike James, who has been posting like mad about Fourth Millennium™ and Thousand Suns™, Kitchen Kombat™ was designed prior to the formation of Rogue Games™.

Still, I have gotten enough emails over the past few days that I thought I would take a few minutes and write about why I designed this game.

Truth be told, Kitchen Kombat™ was the first card game I designed, and it was this game that got me into the door with Goodman Games. He was looking for new games, and I had decided to pitch a cooking game that I had designed. We met at GamerFest 2002 in Milwaukee, and though he liked the game, he was more interested in my other designs Geek Wars: Battle for the Con and World Championship Dodge Ball.

When James and I formed Rogue Games™, the first person I talked to was Joseph Goodman. During this talk, he gave me back Kitchen Kombat™ and told me he was happy to see the game see the light of day.

So why did I design this game?

There are many passions in my life. My first passion is my wife. My second passion is cooking. As a someone who loves to cook, I also find myself addicted to any type of food competition I can find. From bake offs, to chili cook offs, it does not matter. The art of competitive cooking is something that I really dig. I also enjoy Iron Chef, and I always wanted to find away to create a game based on competitive cooking.

One day, in a fit of inspiration, I stumbled upon the way to do it. I designed a game, and truth be told the first prototype was cumbersome. I went to technical, and though it was fun, the only one who really enjoyed it was my niece. After getting feedback from Joseph, I reworked the mechanic and the game became better.

It was then, that I stumbled upon the idea, that wouldn’t Iron Chef be enjoyable if the contestants fought off the Iron Chef while cooking?


I took what was an enjoyable cooking game, and added the slight twist of being able to sabotage your opponent.

The rest of the game came after the mechanic was worked on, and the style of play was tweaked. From there, it was easy to come up with the feel and tone. It also helped to have the talented jim pinto due the graphic design. The work he did on this is amazing, and he took the low tech nature of it, and made it sing.

So what is the future of this game? That is for you to decide.

I want to print this as a full game, but I am not sure how people will take to my cooking card game. I also have three expansions planned for this, that will make the game even more enjoyable.

Still, in the end, I love this game. Though World Championship Dodge Ball is my favorite game I designed, Kitchen Kombat™ is my first love.

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