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Thousand Suns™ Update

March 29, 2007

Planets Yet Again

Thinking on xomec’s wise counsel, how about this:

Strength = Defense (need a better name), an indication of the level of military power present on the planet, with higher level indicating the number of significant bases, shipyards, etc.

(Alternately, Strength = Influence, an indication of how much the planet throws its weight around on the galactic stage)

Dexterity = Tech Level.

Constitution = Resources, an indication of both the economic strength of the planet, as well as its wealth, whether natural or manufactured.

Intelligence = Knowledge (need a better name), an indication not only of the general education of the planetary population but, more importantly, how hard it is to obtain information on the world.

Wisdom = Efficiency, an indication of the level of professionalism and/or corruption on the planet.

Charisma = Openness, an indication of how accepting of outsiders the planetary population is.

One of the things I’d forgotten is that I have a half-finished trade system for use with the game. After all, how can you have a space opera game where the characters can’t turn a credit by buying low and selling high? Some of these planetary “abilities” will thus serve as modifiers for that system, but some of them will also serve as broader modifiers. For example, low Openness planets will present the PCs with negative modifiers in social interactions with the natives, while high Knowledge societies will give positive modifiers when doing research or whatever.

Still needs a lot of thought and tweaking, but I’m on a better track now, I think.

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