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George’s Children

April 2, 2007

jim pinto, who is doing art direction for us at Rogue Games (you can see his work on Kitchen Kombat, and 1776), has a game coming out from his studio Knighttime Studios.

So what is the name of this game? George’s Children. Here is the info.

George’s Children

George’s Children is a free-form roleplaying game set in an apocalyptic future devoid of adults. Players take on the roles of children (aged 7 through 12) on a their own heroes’ journey. Each game session is a single day or journey in the children’s lives, culminating with imagination and reality in a world devoid of responsibility and hope. Written by jim pinto and beautifully rendered by British artist Jon Hodgson, George’s Children is a game of incredible potential and dark reality. The children of George’s future are one step from utopia and another step from oblivion. For mature players.

All the proceeds from George’s Children will be donated to a non-profit organization dedicated to finding foster care for homeless children.

Release Date: May 2nd, 2007.

George's Children Cover


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