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1980: The rot set in early

April 17, 2007

The release of Traveller three years ago marked the beginning of a brand new concept in Role-playing games. Up until then, most of these games (with the exception of the less open-ended versions, like En Garde) offered a rather limited amount of “background.” The game would begin where the adventure began, with characters whose past (except for previous adventures) was nebulous, and in a playing area isolated from any “real world” to serve as a way of binding the adventure together. The characters would seek their treasures, fight their villains and then leave the area once more; when they reappeared, it was the beginning of a new adventure, of basically the same type, possibly with more difficulty objectives or circumstances to overcome.

–J. Andrew Keith, “Traveller – The Final Frontier,” Journal of the Travellers’ Aid Society, No. 5

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