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Where you can find the Rogues

May 14, 2007

Over the past few months, James and I have been busy creating games, and getting the company geared up for Gen Con.

Here the run down of places you can find either of us on the web.

Rogue Dispatches (this blog) — This is where you can read all the latest of things going on with Rogue Games.

Rogue Games Forums — Hosted by our friends Flames Rising, this forum has not been used a lot, but we hope to change that. You want to talk about our games? Ask us questions? This is your spot for that.

Rogue Games eStore — Here is where you can buy our games. Right now we have two up for sale, but soon there will be more. A lot more.

Rogue Gear — This is where you can buy our shirts and other items.

Other places of interest:

Wandering Mind Online Almost Live — This is my personal blog, here you will see me post the most random of things. From comics, to cooking, to gaming, it covers it all. Sometimes I will write about Rogue Games, as well as things I am working on.

The Schizonomicon — This is James’ personal blog, and you have more of the same, as you find with mine. Also, James tends to use this to clear his mind, and focus his thinking about his game design process.

So there you go. Now you can find the Rogues.

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