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Thousand Suns Changes

May 30, 2007

As you know, Rogue Games announced the release of Thousand Suns for July 2007.

Our original intention was to release an OGL game. James had, what he thought, was an idea for a simple, straightforward adaptation of the OGL rules to the space opera genre. We both thought that it would amount to a nice little PDF product.

Then something unexpected happened–the idea grew.

The more James worked on Thousand Suns, and the more we talked about it, the more we added to it. Next thing we knew, our small PDF was on track to be at least 300 pages. Of these 300 pages, most of it was devoted to simply rules. Not new rules, mind you, but additions and changes to existing OGL rules. The more that was changed, the more we realized that we violated one of the founding rules of Rogue Games.

What rule?

Rule 2.

2. The setting defines the rules, the rules do not define the setting.

This is something both James and I take seriously. The founding rules of the company are ones that we both believe in.

Something had to be done.

After a few emails and a long phone conversation, we came to the following decision:

We would not release the PDF in July as originally planned, but would instead release the full game as a printed book February 2008.

In addition, the game would be rewritten using the system that drives Colonial Gothic. Obviously those who have purchased the Colonial Gothic Primer know how flexible the system is. What we will be doing is tweaking and augmenting it as necessary to bring it in line with what James had always intended. Also, this decision enables us to give Thousand Suns the treatment it deserves — a full, printed book with interior art, diagrams, and maps.

This change has one significant consequence: the release of Fourth Millennium is being pushed back. While this will no doubt sadden some, rest assured we still have plans for Fourth Millennium, since work on that game is already well underway and it will not be lost.

At Gen Con this summer, we will have a free 16-page preview of Thousand Suns (said preview will be up on the Rogue Games website the opening day of Gen Con as well, so those not attending the con can have it as well).

Following the release of Thousand Suns in February 2008, there will be additional releases in the line that expand the options available to players of the game.

James and I thank you for your support and for your interest in what we are doing here at Rogue Games. We are humbled by the positive reception we have received when we announced our company’s formation this year and look forward to bringing you the best games we can create.

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  1. June 25, 2007 11:31 pm

    Please disregard my previous comment. I’m very happy you’re using your own system.

  2. June 26, 2007 6:39 am

    resonantq wrote:

    Please disregard my previous comment. I’m very happy you’re using your own system.

    No worries. Design is fluid sometimes. At the time we thought OGL would be fine, but the more we worked with it, the more we realized the better system is the 12 degree system is one that both James and I believe in, and like. Also it is very flexible and allows us to make it a little more crunchy, or a little less crunchy.

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