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Thousand Suns™ Update — Dueling

June 7, 2007

I like the idea of a dueling culture existing in the Thousand Suns, but it’s awfully hard to justify it. Dune (and its imitator, Fading Suns) introduced personal shields of a sort that made melee weapons not merely plausible but necessary. I am loath to go this route, if only because it’s much too obviously a knock-off (or homage, if you prefer) of Herbert’s setting (even if I do have a certain fondness for the idea of personal shields).

On the other hand, barring some technological development, I’m hard pressed to think of a justification for the continued use of melee weapons, except purely as a cultural holdover and even that is stretching credibility.


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  1. June 25, 2007 11:20 pm

    I can think of a few reasons why you would still want melee weapons.

    1. Legality issues. Firearms are one thing, but melee weapons are a different animal. It’s hard to be indiscriminate. Also with low law enforcement, this is a good alternative to private protection. If you know you can’t trust the cops to be there, wear a knife on your hip, or a whip or carry a sap.

    2. Sub-culturalism. Sort of like the geek desire to always pack a Katana on their character. Why? Cause it’s KEWL! :c)

    3. Traditionnnnnn! It could be a holdover from common law. For some reason, if you have an argument of certain types, or a sense of honor that requires a certain degree of care and reverence, you may have a dueling culture be created. The object may not be to kill, but instead get the first blood, or show mercy when a killing blow may have happened.

    4. Entertainment. Like American Football is violent chess, each play a move, dueling may become a sport.

    5. Justice Alternative. Sometimes the situation needs to be resolved with blood to satisfy justice and honor. He raped my sister and I want him dead. Maybe the law on this world doesn’t care about these issues, so you two work it out.

    One never knows, but there are some ideas for you I hope are timely enough.

  2. James Maliszewski permalink*
    June 26, 2007 8:16 am

    Many of these are solutions I came to as well and I’ve already incorporated several of them into the meta-setting.

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