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The rules

June 12, 2007

A few weeks back, I posted the image to the right.

I mentioned that details were coming, and here they are. This is the logo for 12° the mechanic driving not only Colonial Gothic, but all the games Rogue Games plans to produce.

In the weeks to come, I and the rest of the design team, will be talking about Colonial Gothic, and the work we have done. Right now I want to talk about 12°, and the rules driving Colonial Gothic. Let me quote straight from the rulebook:

Action in Colonial Gothic is the same kind of action you might see in a movie; it is about doing things flashy and in that larger-than-life way. It is one thing to say your Hero is fighting a zombie; it’s another to say that your Hero is fighting a zombie while balancing themselves on the roof of a church.

 To capture your Hero’s anticipation, excitement, and action, you will need to use a mechanic that is simple, yet complex enough to keep things organized. That is where 12° comes in. Every action, regardless of whether or not you’re attacking a devil or sneaking past a Redcoat patrol, is handled the same way. Roll 2d12, if the result is equal to or less than the Target, the action succeeds. That’s it. Sometimes you will be asked to divide the result and when you do, you always round down.

This simple mechanic, roll equal to or less than a Target, is what drives the action in Colonial Gothic. Any action you want to accomplish has a Target. What are Targets? Again, from the rulebook:

Okay so what is the Target that you roll against? The Target is a number based on an associated stat or skill plus or minus any modifiers. For example, if your Hero wants to Sense whether or not someone is a werewolf. Since your Skill has a rank of 12, your target would be 12. Thus rolling a 2d12 and getting a result of 12 results in a success. Rolling 2d12 and getting a 23 means you failed.

That’s it.

Colonial Gothic is a easy game.

By easy, it is easy on the player and the GM.

Any action you want to perform, your GM will tell you what the modifier to the Target Number is. If your roll is the target or less, you succeed.

That’s it.

12° is the rules driving our games, but it is the settings that make our games what they are.

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