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Lost Writings

June 20, 2007

Over at my personal blog Wandering Mind Online, I am posting some of my lost writings. Currently I am posting the chapter I wrote for the long killed Empire City Sourcebook.

I was contracted to write the history chapter for the Empire City Sourcebook that Guardians of Order was to release for their Silver Age Sentinels RPG.

For those who remember SAS this was a super hero RPG, set in a world that was like ours, but slightly difference. The big change was that New York City, was renamed Empire City.

Still, that is besides the point. I took the contract because I really enjoy writing history (as if Colonial Gothic is not proof of that), and I enjoy fitting real world history into a believable game setting history.

Sadly, the book was canceled, and all the work I did to make Empire City believable, was put in the Wish It Worked Out File.

There is some good stuff in there. I created a few heroes and villains that predated the game’s main heroes. I weaved in the game’s heroes, and set up a believable progression of how the game’s setting got to where it was when the game came out. Hell, I even weaved in the famous New York Daily News headline “Ford to City: Drop Dead.”

Empire City, seemed real.

So far three parts have been posted (Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3).

Stop by, and take a look at some of my lost work.

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