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Tribulation Hoadley — Colonial Gothic Villain

June 22, 2007

Here’s a thumbnail description of a villain I wrote up for Colonial Gothic.

Tribulation Hoadley

Might 8 Vitality 45
Nimble 10 Sanity 65
Vigor 11 Faith 0
Reason 14
Resoultion 13


Diplomacy (13); Intimidation (13); Language–English (14); Profession—Preacher (14); Resist (14);


Linen shirt, Wool pants, Wool longcoat, Leather shoes, Bible, Books, Walking stick


Hailing from Boston, Tribulation Hoadley comes from a long line of Congregationalist ministers, many of whom were renowned for their energetic preaching and zeal for the Gospel. Outwardly, Hoadley is no different and has blazed a path across New England with his fiery sermons and denunciations of witchcraft and deviltry. He travels from township to township, rooting out any signs of supernatural corruption and acting with the local inhabitants to put an end to it. In reality, Hoadley is himself an aspiring practitioner of the black arts and uses his reputation as a man of God to gain access to dark books and items seized from suspected witches. He has thus far not learned a single spell, but it is only a matter of time before he does so and undertakes even more nefarious schemes.

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