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Thousand Suns — Testing Testing

June 26, 2007

Name: Meridian (Center)
Profile: Adminstration

Type: Terrestrial
Primary Terrain: Urban
Climate: Temperate
Atmosphere: Standard
Hydrographics: Moderate
Gravity: Standard

Native Sapients: None
Government: Representative Democracy
Population: 40 billion
Tech Level: Interstellar

Meridian is the central system of the Thousand Suns, the hub around which all of civilized space revolves. A true world-city, nearly the entirety of its surface is covered with durasteel buildings and other structures, some of them kilometers tall, although none surpasses the Capitol, where both chambers of the Concordium deliberate when in session. Most travel on Meridian is done via air, whether grav car, aerodyne, or other more exotic forms of transportation. Far below the below the spires lies the Agora, the true surface of the planet and a vibrant, riotous place where species and cultures from across the Thousand Suns mingle, brawl, and wheel and deal. Meridian is a diverse, almost timeless place, strangely insulated from affairs in the wider galaxy. Even at the height of the Civil War, as rebel and loyalist fleets engaged one another throughout Center sector, the Opera House continued to draw the rich and the powerful, while gravball teams contended in the Arena and megacorporations plotted how best to sell their goods to emerging alien markets. Not much has changed in the generation since and, barring some unforeseen turn of events, not much is likely to do so.

Meridian is home to the Presidential Palace, where the Federation president lives and works. The Palace is a grav sphere with several aeroports and its own traffic control system, owing to the intense security under which the president lives. Prior to the Civil War, the Palace was accessible to the public and guided tours were permitted. This is no longer the case, although there have been calls, both from the public and from delegates to the Concordium, to revert to the older practice as a testament to the “return to normalcy.” Thus far, these pleas have met with no action and the only regular visitors to the Palace aside from legislators and foreign dignitaries are megacorp officials.

By law and tradition, the emperor is forbidden to step foot on Meridian, instead making his home a jumpline away on Pinnacle. While this has sometimes made coordination between the Throne and the Concordium difficult, no one has ever seriously suggested changing the practice, lest the independence of the latter be called into question. The emperor instead relies on his own delegates to the legislature, who speak on his behalf on important matters.

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