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Colonial Gothic: A Sample Hero

June 28, 2007

Busy few days. Putting the finishing touches on the rulebook. The layout is being done. The book is looking very nice. I am damn proud of this game. I am damn proud of the work we all did on it.

I thought I would post a sample Hero, just to give an example of how streamlined this game is.


Black Cloud of Winter (Wallace O’Malley)

Might 8 Vitality 48
Nimble 10 Sanity 46
Vigor 11 Faith 12
Reason 14
Resolution 12


Intimidate (12); Language–Wakasham (14); Melee (8); Ritual–Conceal (15); Sense (14); Tracking (14)


Tomahawk, Hunter’s Bag, Linen Shirt, Buckskin Breeches, Moccasins


Born along the frontier, in the colony of Georgia, Wallace’s family worked the land, and came to the colony looking for a new start. When Wallace was born it was thought that the Lord had granted them their wish. That wish, a promise of rebirth and a new beginning. Sadly, during Wallace’s fourth year of life, a Shawnee war party attacked colonist living along the frontier. His family killed, Wallace was taken by the shaman. His name changed to Black Cloud of Winter, Wallace learned from the shaman the ways of magic. Raised by the Shawnee, Wallace grew to see the evil. Black Cloud of Winter knows his destiny, and that is to fight the darkness lurking in the hearts of man.

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