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Colonial Gothic: Magic Rituals

July 2, 2007

Magic Rituals in Colonial Gothic are mechanical skills that anyone can learn how to do provided they have the right tools to do it. Simply, a Ritual skill is the basic template to learn and advance in any area of magic, provided you understand that there are consequences to performing the rituals. These rituals don’t always work, causing spells to backfire on the caster or on the surrounding environment.

Because the Rituals were not designed specifically to be used by one type of character, we’ve left their names fairly generic. This provides a few options to you, the player, as you decide how to customize the rituals to your Hero’s background. For example, perhaps you’ve decided to play a shaman and your Faith is tied to the Chickasaw tribe. You look for lesser spirits in your daily life, and know that spirits arriving from a westerly direction will help you. Maybe you’ve decided to learn the Guardian Ritual, which will allow you to work with a familiar–but to your character, a lesser spirit has chosen you to help you in your quest. You might call this Ritual “Spirit Friend” instead, to signify what the magic means to you.

All other skills work in a similar fashion. For example, say you’ve decided to learn Divination, to practice reading signs and symbols in the future. If you are a Völvas, fleeing to the Americas from Germany’s nationwide persecution of witches, you might learn Divination through Hero creation but call it Seid, instead.

The naming convention also grants you another opportunity, and that is to reinforce the idea that in addition to everyone having a form of Faith, everyone has the ability to draw on the mechanical skill to perform Rituals if they choose to do so. In this way, whether you’re male or female, Russian or Native, African or English, you all have the same choices for casting Rituals–yet you can add in the finer details, making the Rituals fit your unique culture and personality and enhancing your game’s setting.

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    this is awesome i want to do this

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    you should she annoying orange wazzbi!!!!!

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    May 26, 2011 6:41 pm

    sweet! iwanna do this every day now!

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    June 16, 2011 12:00 am

    ps, i put a fake name in. im not robert

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