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Thousand Suns Design Notes: Homeworld Packages

July 24, 2007

Homeworld Packages

After having selected a species, each player should choose one Homeworld Package for his character. A Homeworld Package is a collection of skills and Attribute bonuses that represent what a character learned or experienced as a result of growing up on a particular planet. Homeworld Packages are divided into four broad categories: Core, Civilized, The Marches, and Wildspace. Some categories are further sub-divided to provide additional means to distinguish one world from another.


The Core worlds are the most populous, sophisticated, and influential worlds in the Thousand Suns. They also tend to possess very stratified societies, where wealth and family history counts for more than talent or ingenuity. Consequently, characters from the Core worlds are more class conscious than are their counterparts elsewhere in the galaxy and this reveals itself in the skills and Attributes they favor.

Upper Class

Computers 2, Cultures (Terran) 2, Diplomacy 2, Language (Lingua Terra) 2, Presence +1,

Middle Class

Bureaucracy 2, Computers 2, Culture (Terran) 2, Driving 2, Language (Lingua Terra) 2

Lower Class

Bureaucracy 2, Computers 2, Language (Lingua Terra) 2, Perception +1, Streetwise 2


The so-called Civilized worlds are those either located astrographically outside the Core worlds or those whose populations or galactic influence are simply less than those of the Core. Nevertheless, as their name suggestions, the Civilized worlds are technologically and socially advanced and their inhabitants contribute much to the Thousand Suns. In many ways, they are the foundation upon which interstellar governance rests. Characters from these worlds are therefore the standard by which those from other Homeworlds are judged.

Computers 2, Culture (Terran) 2, Driving 2, Language (Lingua Terra) 2, Any Science Skill 2

The Marches

The frontiers of the Thousand Suns are known colloquially as the Marches. The worlds of the Marches are a diverse lot, but all share a number of characteristics, the most important of which is their distance from the central government. Characters from the Marches thus tend to be independent-minded and resourceful compared to those from Civilized and (especially) Core worlds.

High Population

Athletics 2, Computers 2, Intelligence +1, Language (Lingua Terra) 2, Technical Sciences 2

Low Population

Athletics 2, Intelligence +1, Language (Lingua Terra) 2, Survival 2, Technical Sciences 2


The region outside the Thousand Suns is called Wildspace and its inhabitants are typically deemed to be barbarians. The reality is far more complex, with some Wildspace planets being technologically advanced, particularly those whose native species are not human. What does differentiate Wildspace from the rest of the galaxy is its cultural isolation. Wildspace was never part of the Old Federation and characters hailing from this region, whether human or alien, will be outsiders and viewed with some suspicion by many inhabitants of the Thousand Suns.

Low-Tech World

Athletics 2, Body +1, Brawl, Melee, or Shoot 2, Language (Native) 2, Survival 2

High-Tech World

Computers 2, Culture (Native) 2, Driving 2, Language (Native 2), Technical Sciences 2

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