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Colonial Gothic — Gen Con Demo

August 4, 2007

Last week I ran the final playtest for the Gen Con Demo. This is the same group who has been my plyatest victims for the past two years of Colonial Gothic development. I trust them and they are perhaps my toughest critics.

The demo is two hours in length, and the adventure was designed to be run for two-hours. The two hours flew by, and the players had a very good time. When the final confrontation happened, and the dust settled no one spoke.

Fearing the worse, I asked what the verdict was.

All I got were smiles.

They liked it.

They would have loved it, if the adventure was longer than two hours.

The adventure takes place in Philadelphia, and like Colonial Gothic itself, it is the dawn of the American Revolution. For the adventure working in the background is the Continental Congress who are in session. Boston has fallen back into the hands of the Colonies, and General Washington is on the move to secure New York.

The reaction was very positive, and I was told in no uncertain terms that the adventure had to be lengthened and turned into a stand alone. I like to keep my players happy, so I agreed.

Originally I was going to post the demo to the Rogue Games website, but due to the positive reaction, I will hold off and flesh it out and make it something bigger.

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