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Thousand Suns — Designer Notes — Save me from Camp

August 23, 2007

I’m doing the finishing touches on the Career Packages for Thousand Suns, shifting skills around, changing values, and generally tightening it up so that it all hangs together. When I get to Athlete career — because what SF RPG is complete if you can’t play a retired grav ball player or veteran of bloodsports in uncivilized space? — I find I’d not allocated the requisite number of points and so I search about for an appropriate place to put them. After some thought, I realized that Tactics makes good sense, since it’s just the skill of organizing a group of people toward a particular goal under stressful circumstances, which pretty much defines most team sports. I also liked it because it ensured that even a grav ball player can contribute something of immediately game mechanical value to a group of interstellar adventurers.

And then suddenly I hear in my head: “Flash Gordon, quarterback, New York Jets” and I cringe.

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