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Colonial Gothic — Opposed Test — Clarification

August 27, 2007

Over at the Flames Rising Rogue Games Forums, a question was asked about Opposed Test. If you have not been a regular in the forums (and you should) here is some clarification:

Question (from jaerdaph (thanks!)): And if I can trouble you for one more clarification on opposed tests – all you have to do is get the lower result to win, even if what you role would not be a success in a regular, non-opposed test?

You still need to meet or beat the Target for an Opposed Roll. If you roll above the Target, your Hero Fails, and your opponent wins. If your opponent rolls above the Target, your Hero Wins. If both your Hero and the opponent rolls below the Target, then you need to see who rolled lower than the Target.

For example, your Hero is tyring to hide from a Vampire. Your Hero’s Stealth is 14, and the Vampire’s Observe is 12. If you rolled a 7, and the Vampire rolled a 10, your Hero successfully Hides from the Vampire who is trying to look for them.

If you rolled a 10, you successfully hide, but the Vampire rolled a 4, the Vampire sees your hidden Hero.

I will make this clearer next time.

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