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Colonial Gothic Updates

January 9, 2008

New content is up at the New World Almanack. I cleared out my notebook of notes about the thirteen original colonies. Some of it is a bit rough, but these are straight from my notes. When I have time, I will go back and add more information to it.

Next week, will be another update which will talk about what colonists from the three regions are like. Basically info on attitudes and the what not.

Now a little info on Book 2. Here is what the book will contain:

Chapter 1: Independence

* The Colonies
* The Native View of the Revolution
* The Shadows
* The Revolution

Chapter 2: Shot Heard Round the World

* Florida
* Louisiana
* The Caribbean
* Canada

Chapter 3: Heroic Life

* Skills
* Animal Totems
* Actions
* Books and their Use

Chapter 4: Secret Societies

* What the title says. 🙂

Chapter 5: Alchemy and Magic

* My favorite chapter

Chapter 6: Bestiary

The book will be out in May, and goes into layout next month. The title of the book is Colonial Gothic: Secrets. Following the release of this book will be a third book coming out in August of this year.

There you go.

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