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February 8, 2008

I am typing up the Bibliography for Colonial Gothic: Secrets (or as it was known, CG Book 2).

A bibliography for a roleplaying game.

I bet it is the only supplement that has pulled inspiration from the writing of Steven C. Bullock, Herbert Leventhal, The Dial, The Anti-Masonic Review and Monthly Magazine, and other assorted books, journal articles and primary source materials.

As I type this up a few questions spring to mind:

1. Why didn’t I go for that PhD in History?

2. A Bibliography? Seriously?

3. What the hell was I thinking?

4. I love history.

5. No wonder the movers glared at me when they moved my library into the new house.

6. I always knew my interests would come in handy.

7. I love what I do.

8. I did a ton of reading for this.

9. I am reaching the end.

10. I love what I do.

So there you go, a peak into my mind. A look at what I am working on right now. There are other things in the works, but that will wait until Book 2 is too bed.

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