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Colonial Gothic — Actions

February 29, 2008


Here is another small sample from Colonial Gothic: Secrets. Enjoy.


In the Colonial Gothic Rulebook heroes have one action; GMs wanting to introduce more activity in Rounds or want Heroes, Villains and Supporting Cast to be able to do more, can use the following rules in their games.


Heroes and Villains are different than most colonists. They are the ones in which action is centered around, and they are able to do more in short periods of time. All Heroes, Villains and certain Supporting Cast have more Actions than most. To see how many Actions they have, take their Nimble Attribute and divide it by 4. This gives you the total Actions they can take each Round.

For example, if your Hero has a Nimble 15; you divide by 4 which gives you 3.75. Rounding this down, your Hero has 3 Actions per Round.

How do multiple actions work? Very easily.

A character who has more than 1 Action, take their second Action at half their Initiative result, after all other Heroes, Villains and Supporting Cast have gone. If they happen to have 3 Actions, then they take their third Action at half of the second Initiative results. This accounts for as many actions as the character has.

For example, your Hero from the previous example has 3 Actions. Rolling for Initiative you get a 23. Your Hero takes their first Action at 23, their second at 11 (23 divided by 2) and their third
Action at 5 (11 divided by 2).

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