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Thousand Suns — The Chabuli Conspiracy

April 8, 2008

finally completed the long-delayed intro adventure for Thousand Suns today. It’ll be made available for free on the Rogue Games website over the next few days, depending on how long it takes Richard to convert it to a nice-looking PDF. I’m pretty pleased with the way it turned out and hope that others will appreciate the way I wrote it. The scenario is a fairly open-ended investigative one, with lots of opportunities for individual GMs to tailor it to their own campaign settings. Of course, I do worry a little bit that some might see the scenario as “thin” or insufficiently fleshed out with “no real resolution.”

Such criticisms are not completely inapt, I suppose, but they do miss the point somewhat. The adventure is intended to be the kickstart to a campaign and, given the diversity of possible campaign set-ups, I had to be somewhat vague in places. Likewise, investigative scenarios demand both open-endedness and a good GM with the ability to wing it and extrapolate based on what’s written in the text itself. I think I’ve provided enough information, though, to help GMs muddle their way through anything that isn’t explicitly covered in the scenario, but I’m a poor judge of my own writing abilities.

In any event, The Chabuli Conspiracy deals with many of the staples of Imperial SF — colonialism, ancient mysteries, illicit activities, etc. — and shows how they can be used in a practical way without having to come up with epic plotlines involving the fate of the galaxy. I like that and I hope others will too.

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