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April 16, 2008

Book 3 is done.

Last night I emailed off the files to the editor for this book. With Colonial Gothic: Secrets hitting shelves next month, and Book 3 hitting shelves in August, I am done working on Colonial Gothic for a few months.

I am not DONE with Colonial Gothic. I am as excited with this game today, as I was last year. I am just a little tired. In one form or another, Colonial Gothic has been with me since 2003 (James and I were going to work on this game with another publisher going as far back as then. One day I will divulge what the game was once going to be.) In that time it saw three different publishers, three different game systems, and three different sets of complications. Through it all, I stuck it out, and finally was able to get Colonial Gothic out last year.

This game, more than anything I have ever worked on, grew more than I thought. I have reams of notes, ideas, snippets of rules and backgrounds. In some ways this hurt the game, because it never seemed focused. However, with the upcoming release of Colonial Gothic: Secrets, focus is here. Those who have seen the book, like it. Some, actually love it. For me, I worry, but that is because I always feel I can do better. I always see the weakness and not the strengths in my design.

Book 3. You know, I should stop calling it Book 3, the damn thing has a name:

Colonial Gothic: Poor Wizard’s Grimoire

Poor Wizard’s is a small, tight little book dealing with not only magic, but Talismans, Witchcraft, Relics and the like. It is a book that has been tumbling around inside my mind for close to two years, and was one of the most enjoyable writing experiences I have had. The focus on the book is tight, and I really went to town on the historical layering I did. The new Rituals are all Rituals that have appeared in my games and other people’s games for close to three years, and a few predate the early work James and I did in 2003.

Last night, felt like the closing of a book. I cleared out everything that was on the plate for Colonial Gothic and it felt good. Poor Wizard’s is all new, and though the existence of some of the material might be older, and the tone and feel is in line with my vision. I love this game, and setting. The areas I want to explore are many. Now, I can, and I have to decide what is next.

I have two books pressing to get out. Both explore facets of Colonial Gothic that are different. Both are two topics very important to me. Both would be extremely enjoyable to write. Both are going to take a lot of time to write. Still, I need a small break, so I am not going to think about these, and start any work on them, until August. I need some distance, and I need to get some other things finished as well. There are two projects coming up that are going to need my attention.

New projects?

Yes, and they do not include :16 (which I am still working on, but had to stop so I could get Poor Wizard’s done). Both are games, and one will be out at year’s end. The other? Well, more on that to come. More on the year end project as well, but will be announced next week.

However there is a small Colonial Gothic adventure I need to get done. As well as a lot of other small bits I plan to post as well.

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