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April 22, 2008

(Chicago, IL) – April 22, 2008 – Rogue Games is pleased to announce they have entered into a licensing agreement with Reality Deviant Publications to convert Colonial Gothic to the True20 game system!

“I’ve always wanted to write speculative fiction and RPG supplements dealing with this exciting period in American History,” said David Jarvis, president of Reality Deviant Publications. “The War for Independence provides so many great opportunities for adventure. Throw in elements of the supernatural, and you add another exciting element to this tumultuous period. Rogue Games have done this fantastically with Colonial Gothic. I can’t wait to combine this dark setting with the outstanding True20 system.”

Combining the real world history of the American Colonial Period, and adding in supernatural horror, Colonial Gothic is the world only a few know that exists. Magic is real; Agents of the Occult and Supernatural stalk the night. To make things even worse, the events of the revolution has engulfed the colonies making life even more unpredictable.

Colonial Gothic is a game that I have been playing and designing in one form or another for close to twenty years,” said Richard Iorio II, president and co-owner of Rogue Games. “I am pleased beyond words that people have enjoyed this take on the period, as well as enjoyed learning the secret history of the New World. I am excited that more people, who might not have known of the game, will have an opportunity to play it.”

This agreement is only for conversion rights. Rogue Games has numerous plans for Colonial Gothic and has a full slate of product schedule to be released this year (Colonial Gothic: Secrets due out May 2008). In addition Colonial Gothic is supported by the New World Almanack ( an ever growing free online source of background and game information designed specifically for the game.

About Reality Deviant Publications

Reality Deviant Publications is a small press publishing company whose focus is on producing a variety of RPG games and supplements for various game systems including True20 and the Ogl/D20 system.

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About Rogue Games

Based out of Chicago, Illinois and with an office in Toronto, Canada, Rogue Games is dedicated to creating games that make you think, laugh, and more importantly make you want to play. For as long as they can remember The Rogues (Richard Iorio II and James Maliszewski) have enjoyed not only playing, but designing games. The Rogues live by one simple motto: Games so good they sneak up on you.™

Contact the Rogues at for more information, or visit

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