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Announcing the 12° Cookbook

April 24, 2008

Coming November 2008 the 12° Cookbook.

So what is the 12° Cookbook?

Glad you asked.

Using the rule system driving Rogue GamesThousand Suns and Colonial Gothic, the 12° Cookbook is a complete gaming product offering different ideas and settings. It is a chance for both James and I to test new ideas and new settings. Though stripped down to their bare essence, the games found in the 12° Cookbook are complete and ready for play.

So what is in the first book?

Ninjas and far future espionage have in common.

The inaugural edition of the 12° Cookbook will contain two games, one should be familiar to most, and another that is something that’s been in the works for a couple of years. These games are:

That’s right, James’ Fourth Millennium: Future Imperfect will see the light of day and this makes a nice bookend for the year that saw the release of Thousand Suns. James, I am sure, will be talking a lot about Fourth Millennium: Future Imperfect, so I would point you to his blog. As for Ninja, I will be talking about this game a lot.


Because I freaking love it.

In Ninja, players assume the roles of ninjas. Pulling inspiration from history, anime, magna and mythology, Ninja is high octane action centering on martial arts, amazing feats, and humor. Focusing on not only Clan unity, but Family rivalry, Ninja has player’s working to not only preserve their Clan, but further their family goals. Many are the dangers that the Clan faces, and sometimes this danger comes from within.

So there you go. I am excited about this product, and the reason is not just because of the cool games, but because this is a chance for James and I to cut loose and try out new game ideas. We plan to make this a yearly product and already have something on tap for the 2009 version of the book.

Another reason I love this product is that one of our goals James and I have is to let other game designers design for this product. Using the 12° rules, we want to see what others can come up with.

In all, this is the playground and we want to share it.


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