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Card types for :16

April 26, 2008

I have not forgotten. I’ve been busy.

Busy with the day job.

Busy with life.

Busy with so much stuff that sometimes I wish I had more hours in the day sometimes.

Still, I have been busy working on not only Ninja (part of the 12° Cookbook which was announced last week) as well as :16. Both games are shaping up and I could not be happier.

Right now I want to talk about :16. Tomorrow I will post some thoughts on Ninja.

I’ve talked a lot about the motivation and design goals working in the guts of :16. A lot of my work this past week has been defining the card types used in the game, and coming up with how they not only work, but interact with each other.

There are four card types in :16. These card types are:

  • Life Cards (still up in the air with the name): These cards work in conjunction with Life Path Card. These cards give you Fame, take Fame, or add an ability that comes into play. Life Cards are played when you have them, and only one card stays in play at a time. Any new one goes on top of one currently in play. Life Cards are good and bad. Some give you a nice little perk, while others bit you in the butt. They represent the arc most have in life — the good and the bad.
  • Event Cards: There cards give you Fame, and they represent the good things that happen in life. Most Even Cards are instant, some stay in play.
  • Rumor Card: These cards are playable against other players. On your Turn you can play one Rumor Card or one Event Card. Rumor Cards allow you to “attack” your opponent and harm their efforts to acquire Fame.
  • Paparazzi Cards: Unlike Rumor Cards, Paparazzi Cards effect you, not other players. You must play a Paparazzi Cards as soon as you draw one.

Those are the card types as you can see, they, as of now, are designed to mirror the the glamorized media created life of a celebrity. Thoughts on these?

As to what’s next, I am going to come up with the rough cards. It is my hope to have a working prototype ready by the end of May. With this, it is time for anyone interested, to play. I plan on demoing this at <b>GenCon</b> this year, and will have a copy on the giveaway CD we will have at the booth.

I still wonder if I am missing something? Maybe I will type up all the cards, and post them this week.


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