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The August Releases

April 29, 2008

Two books coming out this August. One for Thousand Suns and the other is for Colonial Gothic. Both books will be at GenCon. Here is the information you need to know.

Colonial Gothic: Poor Wizard’s Grimoire

Poor Wizard's GrimoireThe World is steeped in Magic.

It is everywhere and courses through all things.

Some claim that Magic is fueled by Ether. Others claim it is a Divine gift granted to those chosen by Providence. Still others claim that Magic is not a gift, but a curse. And some claim that Magic is a tool of the Devil, created to further his Infernal ends on earth.

None of these claims comes close to the Whole Truth.

Magic is a Force of Nature, whose Secrets all may uncover with Time and Wisdom. Yet Magic is also a Danger to those unwilling to treat it with the Respect such a Force deserves.

Despite the Danger, some still dare to take up the Study of Magic and to use its Power. Even in this Modern Age, new Discoveries are made about the Workings of Magic. New Insights reveal Power many deemed impossible. Those Discoveries can be found here — Rituals, Witchcraft, Talismans, and Relics.

Are you willing to face the Danger and uncover the Secrets of Magic?

Gothic: Poor Wizard’s Grimoire
RGG 1720, $9.99
64 pages, b&w, 6″ x 9″

Thousand Suns: Pilot’s Guide to the Core Worlds

 These are worlds of wonder.

Pilot's Guide to the Core WorldsAt the heart of the inhabited galaxy lie Humanity’s most populous and sophisticated planets. The dizzying spires of their cities are matched only by the complexity of their cultures, exemplifying all that is best among the Thousand Suns. The Core Worlds glitter like jewels in the crown of interstellar civilization.

These are worlds of upheaval.

Sophistication breeds decadence and power inevitably gives way to corruption. The Core Worlds are no different. With each year, these planets grow ever more self-interested and debauched. The vitality and drive that gave them command of the stars is long since gone, leaving behind only a hollow shell, ripe for exploitation by demagogues and revolutionaries alike.

These are worlds of glory.

The Core Worlds have no equals in art, commerce, technology — or power. Idealists and cynics alike are drawn here from the farthest reaches of the galaxy, for this is where the future of the Thousand Suns is written. Whether that future is a bright or a dark one has not been decided and the actions of a daring few may yet tip the balance one way or another.

These are worlds of adventure.

The Pilot’s Guide to the Core Worlds
RGG 1010, $9.99
64 pages, b&w, 6″ x 9″


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