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What’s next?

May 16, 2008

Anyway, I’ve been thinking.

About a lot of things.

Personal stuff.

Work stuff.

Rogue Games stuff.

Game stuff.

Nothing serious, so no one go crazy with worry and start pestering me with phone calls and emails. I am fine.

I just do a lot of thinking. Ariana says half my problems is a I think too much. Maybe I do. Still, sometimes I need to think.

It is the game stuff I am thinking about.

:16 is nearing the homestretch and the prototype playtest will be ready. This game, for better and for worst, is then unleashed into the world, and I can finally learn if the idea is a good one.

Ninja is turning into a fun little game. More surprising it has turned into something I was not expecting. I went into Ninja with one design goal in mind, and that design goal was soon shot dead. Why? Because a better idea came to me. No one will notice the change I made, but I am happy with it.

Colonial Gothic has been on my mind a lot. A lot. It is funny how much I needed a break from it so that I could think about it.

I am also thinking about other game things. Thoughts about styles of play. Rules. The end of an era. Stuff like that.

One of the joys, and curses, with being in business with James, is that he likes to think and contemplate as well. Often, unknown to either of us, we are mulling over the same thoughts. It is this sharing of ideas, debate and discussion which really has made the founding, running and growing of Rogue Games a joy. Seriously. I love what I do. I am enthused. More importantly, there is not a day that goes by that I do not find myself thankful for the fact that I am doing what I always wanted to do. It is not often you can go into business with a friend. It is not often that it works out so well.

So what thought is filling my mind?

“What’s next?”

There is a change in the air. I can feel it. Hell. Everyone can feel it. This is a change larger than 4E. It is a change that bugs me, because I know it is coming, but I cannot yet, tell if it is what I think it is.

This change, also ties into other things. Mostly game related. Projects that we thought would happen with Rogue Games will not happen, but projects we did not think would happen will. This is cool, because it shows the flexibility we have with Rogue Games.

When forming Rogue Games, the main rule for me going in was that I had to have fun. This rule became one of the founding two rules for Rogue Games. This is not something I, or James, take lightly. For us this is a hobby. No, not the business, that is serious. What we do, designing of games, is a hobby. We create games for others to play. Our hobby is not only playing games, but designing games. In short our hobby, fuels the hobby of others.

That is important and bears repeating:

Our hobby fuels the hobby of others.

This is what drives me to keep this all fun. If a game is not fun to design, you can bet your ass the game will not be fun to play. I’ve killed three games in various stages of development because I was not having fun designing them. If I was not having fun, I know damn well no one would have playing them.

To bring this back to the main point (damn I ramble sometimes, and unlike Ginsberg I do not revise) the thinking filling my mind deals with a game. It is something that has just begun, and the small kernel has begun bursting from the soil of the mind.

I am excited. I am worried. I am cautious. I am skeptical.

Still more importantly I am happy.

This is the right decision. It is the right design. It is the right game.

Ok, cryptic, but as is usually the case, this mad frenzy of typing has made things clear for me.


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