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A few updates

June 24, 2008

Busy month for Rogue Games, and it is due to this busy period that it appears we have go silent. Nothing could be further from the truth. Though both James and I have not been posting, we have been busy writing and designing games. Here’s a quick rundown:

      Colonial Gothic: Poor Wizard’s Grimoire has just left layout and is making its’ way to the printer. This is a great looking book, and there are many cool things contained between the cover. More Rituals, a new style of magic, rules for Talismans, and the introduction of Relics. All of this for $9.99.

      Ninja is coming along. I’ve been running playtests, and I am getting ready to edit the mess that is the First Draft. I really like this game, and I am really excited about the 12° Cookbook, and I like that James and I have really followed the vision we’ve had for this book.

      Secret Project #1: This is something that I just started, and it is one that will keep me busy. More on this to come.

      Secret Project #2: This is a project both James and I are working on together, and it is one that had been with us for a long time. It is a project that we were unsure of, but events have shown us that the time is right. This is a project that embodies a lot of the private conversations we have had, and a lot of debate, research and discussion has taken place prior to anything being written. Truth be told, this is a project that both excites me and worries me. As to what this project is, we are not ready to talk about it yet. Not trying to be a tease, we’re just not ready to talk about it in depth. Trust me, when we start talking about it, you will not be able to get us to shut up.

      Finally, a update to the New World Almanack has been posted. This one expands on the Religion section.

    So there you go, the update.


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