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All grown up

July 30, 2008

Back when I was an active freelancer one of the games that was a passion for me was Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay. WFRP was my game, warts and all, and it was with WFRP that I cut my teeth, if you will when it came to tone and style. I have not played, let alone written anything for, WFRP since 2002.

WFRP was the one fan community that I was the most active in. Hell, a lot of my early emails and writings are still floating around on the net. A bluk of my work that never saw the light of day was for WFRP.

Anyway, one of the sitres that I followed was Strike to Stun. The site is still active and has recently went through a major redesign. If you are a fan of Warhammer, any version, it is a site worth checking out.


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