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Colonial Gothic Revised — Thoughts

October 6, 2008

With Ninja on the back burner for a little bit (still working on it, but it is being heavily play tested), I have been working on the Colonial Gothic Revised.

As you remember, I announced this after GenCon this year, and for those who want a recap, you should read here

Anyway, since the last time I touched the rulebook to work on it, a lot has changed in my life. It is strange looking at my old notes, and my old research, to start putting together the new manuscript. I like this game, warts and all, and I am more excited about it now then ever before. Part of the reason is that I still play it. Also it does not hurt that the fan created Colonial Gothic Gazette is alive and kicking with some great ideas.

What also helps is that 12° has gotten older, and both James and I have been using it for close to two years. We’ve learned a lot when we did Thousand Suns. These lessons were applied to Ninja and being applied to Fourth Millennium. In addition they are being applied to Colonial Gothic.

So as I begin hacking through the manuscript, I find myself with a question:

How much should I change it?

By this, I like how 12° has been refined, and follows a trend that started with Thousand Suns. What trend? Building upon itself.

Thousand Suns built upon Colonial Gothic, and took 12° into a nice direction. Ninja, builds upon Thousand Suns and refines the system further.

Where my dilemma lies is the question I asked above: How much should I change it?

Now I could easily keep the version of 12° found in Colonial Gothic, clean it up and call it a day, but there is this nagging self doubt that this is doing the game a disservice. My gut is telling me, I should use the lessons learned and move over to the current state of 12°.

For me the problem with this is simple: I do not want to tick off people.

I am a gamer. I love games. I have been playing games for as long as I can remember. Because of this, I have seen a lot of games change as if on whim. Every new edition seems to bring a new flavor of the rules, and with these new flavors, angry gamers. I do not want to do this, but, I also want the game to be better. I want to refine the rules, bring it into line with the hard work James and I have done, and make the game more playable.

So I am faced with a hard choice, and it is one that has kept me in a state of perplexity. How much to change?

Though I have been stuck with the 12° question, some decisions have been made. The big one, is the following rough Outline.

Chapter One — Primer
Chapter Two — Hero Creation
Chapter Three — Skills & Hooks
Chapter Four — Economy & Gear
Chapter Five — Action
Chapter Six — Magic
Chapter Seven — Player’s Guide to the Colonies
Chapter Eight — Natives
Chapter Nine — Game Master Chapter
Chapter Ten — Campaigns
Chapter Eleven — Mundane Threats (NPCs)
Chapter Twelve — Creatures
Chapter Thirteen — A Sample Adventure
Appendix One — Timeline
Appendix Two — Bibliography

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