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Status on some various things

October 23, 2008

Busy few days, but I’ve gotten somethings done.

First off, the Halloween Surprise is in the final stages of being done. It should be ready either Sunday or Monday. The surprise, as you remember, is for Colonial Gothic, and it will be a cool little thing that will set you back $1. As to what it is here are a few hints:

  1. It has two maps.
  2. It has background.
  3. It has some ideas.

I am pretty excited about this, but I will be honest, I am worried. I just hope that people like it. Why? I am always my harshest critic.

In other new, work on the Revised Colonial Gothic Rulebook is underway. I am shooting for a new working draft (one that is ready for others to see and playtest) by next month. The work has been fun, and I am really enjoying the changes and tweaks I have made. My regular group has taken to the rules, but I am looking forward to getting other reactions as well.

Ninja has stalled, not because I am tired of the game, but because I needed it to rest. I’ve been working on it for a good stretch, and playing it for just as long. Becasue of that I needed a break from the rules and work, so that I could come back to it refreshed. I am glad I did that, because some of the problems I had with the game I resolved.

As for Thousand Suns, let me just say this. Things are about to get loud for this game. I have taken on some projects for this, and though it seems like the game has been forgotten it has not.

Finally, I have been very lucky as of late to get some really cool proposals for Colonial Gothic. There are some really nice projects in the work, and some of them took me by surprise.One adventure, which has been written by a new writer is in playtest, new projects are being worked on, which will see the game added to in a great way. I am very happy that James and I decided to bring on some help. Doing this brought in some new ideas and perspectives.

Anyway, things have been quite, but productive.

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