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The Little Black Books

November 26, 2008

Currently I am working with five moleskins. (Damn that sounds dirty.)


Moleskins, by the way is my notebook of choice. I like the portability of them, as well as their sturdy construction. Nice little notebooks, and I recommend them highly for my fellow writers.

These moleskins contain the various projects I am working on, and are a combination notes, random thoughts, rough drafts and the like.

As for the topics, here is what each moleskins covers:

Moleskin 1: Colonial Gothic: Enemies. Notes, snippets and random bits.

Moleskin 2: Secret Project James and I are working on.

Moleskin 3: Colonial Gothic: Enemies. Notes, snippets, random bits and the ideas for what is turning into a larger book than I thought.

Moleskin 4: Thousand Suns mini project. This one deals with robots, I do not know where it will show up, but it will show up sooner, rather than later.

Moleskin 5: Colonial Gothic: Enemies Odds and Ends. Notes and snippets for two projects that will come later next year. One is the Halloween Surprise and the other is the Thanksgiving Surprise.

Now, what annoys me is that I have to buy two more now because I suddenly got struck with inspiration for two new projects.

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