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Colonial Gothic Magical Changes

January 19, 2009

As I mentioned a few days ago, magic in Colonial Gothic is getting a face lift. It is not going to be anything major, just a simple clearing up of a few things. As Rituals are now, the game mechanics are vague, and such things as how long it takes to cast them are not clear. Here is one example, please note that this is very rough, and I am still doing revisions:


Time: 1 Action
Days equal to caster’s Resolution
Performed On: Self, Others
Sanity Cost: 0

By performing this spell, the intended person is not be able to sleep for days. A person unable to sleep is unable to replenish his Vitality without the use of magic, and regain any lost Sanity. For each additional rank in this spell, past the base rank, the number of targets effected is increased. For example, if a mage has 2 Ranks in this spell, they are able to affect two targets upon casting this spell.

For this spell, success or failure dictates whether or not they get a penalty. Successfully casting this spell the target is unable to sleep for a number of days equal to the caster’s resolution. While suffering from this spell the target is unable to sleep, and because of this they are unable to regain any lost Vitality naturally or regain any lost Sanity as well. In addition, due to being unable to sleep the target suffers a -1 to all TNs due to being tired. Dramatic Success, the target in addition to reaming awake and unable to gain lost Vitality and Sanity, lose 2 Sanity per day they are awake. In addition, they still suffer the -1 to all Tests due to being tired. Failure, to cast the spell, means the target is unaffected. A Dramatic Failure has the caster hit by the spell, and they suffer the effects from lack of sleep.

Above is rough, but you can see the slight changes being made to make magic clearer. The other changes is that Rituals are now known as Spells, and two types exist: Common and Arcane. Spells will still have the flavor that exist now, as well as still maintain the same sense challenge it takes to cast them — objects and ingredients. More importantly I am carrying on the tradition of creating little histories for each spell (as seen in Poor Wizard’s). So this change is not that major of change, just a refinement of ideas.

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