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Thousand Suns Updates

January 30, 2009

As of today (January 30, 2009), we have a writer for a new Thousand Suns book.

The book?

Fighting Ships of the Thousand Suns.

Otherwise known as Big Ships.

The book is in the very early stages right now, but the writer is dead on with the take James and I want to take. Manuscript will be in house later this year, and the plan is to release it around this time next year.

Before you start getting antsy, we have two books for Thousand Suns planed for this year:

1. Transmissions from Piper — March 2009
2. Foundation — August 2009

James and I have picked the winners of the Transmissions from the Foundation contest, I will be contacting them in the next day. We got a lot of good entries, and this book is going to be nice. There is a lot of little things planned for it, and it will be a collection of cool ideas. We also have someone writing rule for creating robots as PCs. This will be in the book as well. We also need to come up with a new title.

Speaking of James, we talked a lot about Thousand Suns yesterday, and James is itching to do more. There will be PDFs appearing with new ideas and additions. No timetable on this, but they will appear.

That is the latest, and for us, this year will see support for Thousand Suns kicked up a notch.

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