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[Colonial Gothic] A Sample Spell

February 9, 2009

In the past I’ve written about the small changes I am making to how magic work in Colonial Gothic. Here is an example of a new spell that will be found in the game. Note this is still rough and will see some tweaking.


Time: 1 Action
Range: 40/50/60
Duration: Instant
Performed On: Others
Sanity Cost: 0

A recent development by European powers, Bolt marks the first active work in creating magical spells that have a more useful purpose – combat. Bolt was first used actively during the Seven Year’s War, as well as limited engagement in the colonies during the French and Indian War. With the end of hostiles, the knowledge of the spell became widely known, and since then, mages looking for a means to protect themselves from harm, has started learning this spell. The first recorded documentation of this spell is found in the little known work Een verhandeling over de toepassing van het mysterieuze Kennis, written by Gysbert Vansteenwijk, which was published in 1710. The work had a small printing, and the printer died upon publishing the work.

Successfully casting Bolt, the caster creates a bolt of elemental force that can hit target and cause damage with a damage value of 3(20). The caster can choose the bolt to be any elemental type they choose: Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Magic. A Dramatic Success in casting Bolt has it cause double damage, while a Dramatic Failure has the bolt explode in the caster’s hand with them taking damage.

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