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[Colonial Gothic] Monsters

February 19, 2009

First off, as of Tuesday I finished Colonial Gothic: Revised. The word count of the manuscript, for those interested, is 105,000 give or take a few. To say that the book is larger is an understatement. I added a lot of background to the book. Early word from those who have seen the draft is that they like it. Currently the manuscript is with the editor who is doing her thing. I am very happy with the rules.

Anyway, I thought I would share with you two monsters. Doing so will illustrate the tweaks I made to the stat blocks, as well as show the tweaks to the rule system. What you will notice is that the values for the stats are lower. The reason for this is that I am using a more refined version of the 12°  rules. This version is the one that we use for Thousand Suns, as well as a few other projects we have in the works. The change is not that great, and by doing this, the scaling is easier.


Might 1, Nimble 4, Vigor 1, Reason 2, Resolution 6, Resolve 20, Vitality 5

Skills: Observe [4]

Abilities: Claws, Flight [Fly 40-feet/Round].

Many equate the raven with witches, agents of the supernatural and even the Devil. Flocks of these birds are seen as an ill omen, and some tribes equate the raven with trickery and death.


Might 7, Nimble 7, Vigor 7, Reason 0, Resolution 0, Fear -1, Resolve 0, Vitality 35

Skills: Brawl [8]

Abilities: Claws, Night Vision, Undead

One of the most commonly encountered creatures of the supernatural, Skeletons are mindless creatures often used by Black Magicians as servants and guards.

So a few things, for those who have played Thousand Suns should recognize Resolve. Resolve is a stat that is used for Social Combat. Resolve is also a stat that allows for new options in the  game. What is Resolve, from the rulebook:


Resolve is a mental counterpart to Vitality and represents a Hero’s determination and the strength of his convictions. Resolve is equal to ((Reason + Resolution) ÷ 2) x 5. Like Vitality, Resolve possesses five levels, each equal to one-fifth of the total. Thus, a Hero with 60 Resolve has five levels, each with 12 points. These points correspond to five levels of attitude toward others. For more on this Attribute and how it comes into play, please see Chapter 5.

Also, changed is that I really tried to shorten up the stat block of the monsters. As much as I like what I did in Secrets, the monsters were just too wordy. Hence the abilities are shorten up, and the presentation cleaner.

Another cool thing about the Monster Chapter (Chapter 12 btw) is that is contains rules for Gamemasters so they can create their own creatures, be they Mundane, Infernal or Spiritual. Found in the chapter is a good selection of monsters and normal animals, which should give Gamemasters enough to use right out of the book.

Of all the chapters — there are thirteen — chapter 12 is one of my favorites.

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