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“All the news that’s fit to print.”

March 23, 2009

The above subject line first appeared February 10, 1897 and is the slogan for the New York Times. I’ve always wanted to use that slogan, but when you design games, there is very little chance too. When an opportunity presents itself, I choose to jump at the chance.

So what does this have to do with Rogue Games? Or, am I just merging my Twitter mindblasts here to the blog? 🙂

Since last week, Rogue Games has been a part of Scribd, and I have since uploaded a lot of content to the site. We joined Scribd because it is a great tool in how it handles PDFs. As game publishers, James and I look for ways to make using our games easier. Right now a lot of the freebies and samples that are on the website are now on Scribd. In addition some things that were too large to post on the website are there as well. To access the site you can simply visit

When visiting there, you should also notice something called Rogue Games Tabbloid. So what is this? Everyday James and I blog about various things (and no, I am not counting my Twitter output), about games, gaming, and various sundry topics. James, more than me, is downright scary when it comes to blogging. With this output it might be hard keep tabs on all of it. So what I have done is begun tracking the blogs, and compiling the posts via in PDF form. So now, if you want to refer back to something James and I have written, you can simply download the daily Tabbloid. In the weeks to come, this will be a tool that will see a lot of use. Why? Well, let’s keep that a secret for awhile longer.

Since I am embracing technology in all forms, you might have noticed a few changes to the Rogue Games website. Namely two new boxes on the right hand side. One is my Twitter feed, but the other is more important, Rogue Dispatches: Rogue Feed. This is cool, and this is a super RSS Feed using Yahoo! Pipes. What I have done is taken the various feeds, and created a new RSS Feed that pulls in the various blogs James and I do, and put the entries in one place. Also, this superfeed has made compiling the daily Tabbloid a breeze. (BTW, if you want to subscribe to the superfeed in your favorite newsreader, here is the link).

So why all of this? The easy answer: Why not? Yet, this is not always something satisfying to hear. All of the above is a means for James and I to share what we are doing with Rogue Games with as many people as possible. For us, in the end, it is about games. James and I want people to play our games, read our words, and we want to facilitate this as much as we can. To this end, the more we can embrace new communication tools, the better. Hence, Scribd, superfeeds, Twitter, and the like. It is about giving as much information as we can in as many formats as we can.

In the case of Scribd, this is a platform making the sharing of PDFs a breeze, and allows us to give more tools and handouts away. Case in point, the maps for The Defeated Dead. When Jeff did the maps, he did them in color. They are gorgeous, but the file size would have killed the Rogue Games website. Now, with Scribd, we can put these up and make them available for everyone to use.

Technology, for us, is important. It makes what we do easier, and allows more options for all. In the case of a small game company it makes it possible for use to do things we might not be able to do.

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