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[Colonial Gothic Revised] Let’s talk about art.

April 23, 2009

Though I have been quiet, that does not mean I am not busy. Busy on what? Colonial Gothic Revised.

All is going well with it as the manuscript is polished and getting ready to go to layout. The art is coming in as well.


Yes. I decided to commission some art for the book, and there will be a mix of period pieces and new pieces in the book. I did this for one main reason, I could not find any appropriate period art for certain things I needed such as for monsters and the mundane threats.

The artist who is doing the work for me is Jeff Preston ( This is the third time Jeff has worked with us, and if I have my way, he will be working with us on everything we do. Why? Check this out:

colonists1This image is still rough, but will be found in the Mundane Threat Chapter. This chapter is a collection of NPCs ready for GMs to drop into their games. Though the style is not an exact replica of the woodcuts that will be found in the book, I love the style and the tone Jeff has taken with this.

Jeff is also, as I mentioned, doing a lot of illustration on the critters. Here is an example of one of them:

werewolfSo what is this of? A werewolf.

Yup. A werewolf. I wanted to do something different with this image and when I did the artist descriptions I wrote:

Werewolf: A colonial woman, with a hint of malice. Her shadow is of a wolf.

That was all Jeff needed and he knocked out that killer illustration.

In all the mix of old and new art adds to the feeling of the game. I am pleased with the look of things, and I am happy as hell with how this game has shaped up.

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