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The Rogues welcome Graeme Davis to the Fold

May 6, 2009

Though things have been quite as of late, that does not mean we have not been busy. More on that later, but this post is about what the subject line says.

Rogue Games is pleased to announce that Graeme Davis has signed on with Rogue Games, and will be writing  two supplements for Colonial Gothic! Graeme who has worked for such companies as Games Workshop, White Wolf, TSR UK, Hogshead Publishing, and Steve Jackson Games, brings a wealth of excitement and ideas to Colonial Gothic.

“I’m looking forward very much to writing for Colonial Gothic. Anyone who is familiar with my work will know of my interest in historical roleplaying, and I can honestly say that no tabletop RPG has piqued my interest so much since I discovered Call of Cthulhu in the 1980s,” stated Graeme when asked about agreeing to work with Rogue Games.

Graeme, will be penning two books for Colonial Gothic, one dealing with the colonies and the other dealing with monsters, both of which are due out later next year. In addition we are also talking with Graeme  about future projects with us as well.

Personally I am humbled as hell to be working with Graeme. He has some great ideas, a ton of talent, and I cannot wait to see the manuscripts. This is going to be fun.

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