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So how large is Colonial Gothic Revised?

June 30, 2009

I knew it was our largest book, but now I have pictures to prove it. (Yes, I am a dork.)

So here is the first edition of Colonial Gothic, next to the brand new edition.

First thing you should notice is that the covers have changed, and that we have made sure it matches the first two supplements.


Now, here is the side by side comparison:

Side by Side 1

So what does this tell you?

No, not that I am digging my new iPhone. Page count is a lot more, and compared to the first version, it is a true expansion.

Just to drive the point home, here is another comparison:

Comparison Two -- Colonial Gothic & Thousand Suns

At the time, Thousand Suns was our largest book. Now when you look at them side by side you see:

Side by Side 2

As you can see, Colonial Gothic Revised is still a little thicker than Thousand Suns.

The point of all of this? Colonial Gothic Revised is large.

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