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Some Colonial Gothic Updates

July 7, 2009

Busy few days. Look for some updates through out the week. Tomorrow,will be the next installment of 13 Chapters in 13 Weeks. I also plan on updating the New World Almanack. This update covers a few things. Here is the rundown.

Rulebook physical and eBook

As of today (7/7/09) you can purchase the eBook/PDF of Colonial Gothic Revised from the following merchants:

The physical copies of the books have been sent to both IPR and Studio 2‘s warehouses. They should be making their way out shortly from there. I have not gotten any copies yet, and once I do, I will be handling the mail out to playtesters and contributors. My day job has been crazy for the past few weeks, but these copies will be out no later than month’s end. I will be contacting each point of contact of the various playtest groups with the details.

Updated Colonial Gothic PDFs

As of tonight, updated versions of Colonial Gothic: The Defeated Dead and Colonial Gothic: Elizabethtown have been uploaded to the various online merhcants. These updates bring the PDFs inline with the changes made in Colonial Gothic. You should be getting the updated versions (if you have purchased them) from the merchants once the PDFs are in their systems. In addition, both Missing and Sin Eater have been updated and uploaded to the website, you can get them here.

So there you go. Now if you will excuse, I am going to bed.

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