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A new update

July 9, 2009

A very nice update to the New World Almanack has been posted. This update deals with books, and was submitted by list member Neal Dalton.

What Neal came up with was very good, and so good in fact, that I am going to adopt it from here on out. What did Neal do? Brought up an oversight in the original rules I create, and that is Time to Read. The new rule, is not complex, and is just one more example of the little touches that help you run and play the game. Head over to the Almanack (here is the direct link) and take a look.

We are always taking submissions for the Almanack. If you have a cool Relic, Book, Hero, Villain, or anything dealing with the game and period, send it in.

Also, to answer a couple of emails I have gotten, yes there will be Colonial Gothic demos at GenCon this year. I will be running them in the booth during the show. I have a new demo I have written (and yes, too answer the question I know I will get next, it will be posted after the con, and after I clean it up) as well as a couple of others I will have in rotation. Schedule for the demos is still in the air, but they will be done. I actually I have an extra hand in the booth this year, so I will not be too frazzled.

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